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Professional guided walks and tours of historic places of interest in Warwick, Leamington Spa and the Cotswolds. Currently offered during the summer months of June, July, August and September, we take you on a journey of delight and discovery as we show you the hidden secrets and gems that our beautiful part of the country has to offer. All tours are personalised to give you the ultimate architectural, historic and Urban Green Space experience.

Warwick - Cocktail Tour Warwick - Cocktail Tour

Warwick - Cocktail Tour

The British Public House is an institution. A meeting place and the hub of social life in villages, towns and cities around the country. One in four British people will meet their future partner in a pub and this tour shares the fascinating history of why pubs became so popular and how they began in the UK. We take you to three of the oldest pubs in Warwick and share facts about our town and its history. The tour includes three cocktails, one in each pub plus a tour of a working pub cellar. Ideal for business groups, hen nights and party groups, this is a fun tour with a historic twist. These tours are carried out early evening and are only available for adults over the age of 21. No pets allowed. 

£23 per person  which includes  three cocktails

Tour availability: June, July, August and September
Tour time: 90 minutes
Disabled access: Moderate.

Historic Warwick Walk Historic Warwick Walk

Historic Warwick Walk

We start in the Town Square to learn some of the fascinating history of Warwick, an ancient medieval town whose name means “dwelling by the Weir.” We take a leisurely stroll to see Warwicks famous church of St Marys containing the magnificent Beauchamp Chapel, the final resting place of the Earls of Warwick, and Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, the favourite of Queen Elizabeth 1st.. We visit the Market Square with its pubs and dining places once filled with the noise and bustle of a market town where sheep and cattle jostled for space with peddlers selling their wares. We see the 16th century Lord Leycester Hospital, not a 'hospital' at all but a home for retired military men and their wives. And of course the imposing and magnificent Warwick Castle, the second most important Castle in the country. Photographic opportunities abound as we wander through cobbled streets steeped in history, see the two remaining gates to the once walled town, the church where Tolkein was married, the imposing Courts, the prison and its remnants of the scaffold where many once swung for their crimes.  We see elegantly restored buildings, beautiful English gardens and the peaceful River Avon before ending our tour at the entrance to Warwick Castle, which you can explore further on your own.

£10 per person, group rates available

Tour availability: June, July, August and September
Tour time: 90 minutes
Disabled access: Moderate to good

Royal Leamington Spa Historic Walking Tour Royal Leamington Spa Historic Walking Tour

Royal Leamington Spa Historic Walking Tour

A stroll through the town centre of Royal Leamington Spa, highly favoured by Queen Victoria. See the Old Town, once a few cottages sprinkled among gardens, orchards and fields. Visit the Royal Pump Rooms where Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire took the waters in the early 1800s in the company of the titled ladies of the day. Learn about the Georgian buildings in the New Town and how the Art Deco influence made an impact on the architecture in the late 1920s. Visit award winning Jephson Gardens with its memorials, fountains and tropical glasshouse. Learn about the people whose influence, generosity and reputation made Leamington great, including Sam Lockhart, the popular and well loved acrobat, trapeze artist and circus elephant owner whose baby elephants were housed in the town. This informative tour covers history, architecture and gardens to contain something of interest for all.

£10 per person. Group rates available.

Tour availability: June, July, August and September
Tour time: 90 minutes
 Disabled access: Good

Tips for this walk:
Wear comfortable shoes. Bring an umbrella if it looks like rain – yes, tours go ahead in the rain!

The Cotswolds Tour - A Day of Delight The Cotswolds Tour - A Day of Delight

The Cotswolds Tour - A Day of Delight

These tailor made tours are specifically designed to give you, the client, the best experience of the Cotswolds in the time you have available. If you wish to 'shop 'til you drop' for antiques, learn the history of the honey coloured towns and villages, discover unique architecture, visit museums, galleries, country pubs, fine dining restaurants and places off the tourist map then this tour is for you! The Cotswolds cover a large geographical area so each tour is of one day's duration and unique to your requirements to ensure you get the maximum benefit from our beautiful Cotswold area.

Tour availability:  June, July, August and September
Tour time: 8 hours
Tour price includes transportation, collection from your hotel, entrance to agreed attractions, guide fee and return to your hotel at end of day. Email warwickwalks@aol.com to discuss your requirements and to obtain pricing.
Disabled access: as required